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Abhay S. Kushwaha abhay at kushwaha.com
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I would suggest a hybrid. I like the simplicity of content of Layout
1 with the 'skin' of Layout 2.

Basically, keep the buttons and main content as in Layout 1. Also
keep the date and title where it is. Pick up the upper line (the one
that goes through the logo) and the right extention from Layout 2.
Use the Layout 2 style to connect the two up.

The yellow-on-green-with-cyan-box-at-left of buttons in Layout 2 and
the orange-coloured-large-text-highlight is a turn-off.

I also suggest that you keep your text properly punctuated. At least
in the main body content. Although the lowercase has an initial
appeal, it is a tad more difficult to read and emphasise in. I guess
you could colour up the text in CAPS to highlight it as a heading or

You would also want to keep the padding consistent on both sides of
the text in the 'qualifications' link/button. Right now, it hugs the
border on the right. I think about 3-5 px is enough (the amount you
have in left in Layout 2).

My opinion. :)


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