[thelist] Friday freebie - Removing Internet Explorer with IEradicator

George Dillon evolt at georgedillon.com
Sat Mar 17 03:28:32 CST 2001

> Severe problems and Operating system Crashes can be solved by removing IE
> with IERadicator and then reinstalling IE again (if thats your choice)
> from the source files.

Grrr... it depends how severe and what other corruption might be responsible
for the problems and crashes.  My joy of the early hours, as IEradicator
appeared to effortlessly wipe IE5 from my PC subsequently turned to woe of
the first order.

IE5 seemed to be removed OK, but each time I installed IE4 and started it up
I got the IE5 boot screen, my third attempt to reinstall IE4 led to an
unstoppable looping error in browseui.dll, and for want of a reset button,
or an effective CTRL+ALT+DEL switching the thing off resulted in some
serious scandisking and the end result was a trashing of all the data on
that disk.

Oh well... at least it was all backed up, and now I have a chance to test
that partitioning and imaging discipline Fred Langa recommended -
"Bullet-Proof Your Windows Setup" -

As for IEradicator - I just don't know now.  Obviously the moral is backup
and don't apply such radical measures to a production machine, but I'd be
interested to know if anyone else has used IEradicator with happier results.

George Dillon

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