[thelist] site layout critique

DC DC_the_gasman at Bigfoot.com
Sat Mar 17 06:07:49 CST 2001

>therefore i'm asking for anyones suggestions/comments on the following two
>layouts and if i should use one of over the other or what to fix ect. or if
>there is something inherently wrong that you see in one of the designs.
>as of now, i'm leaning towards layout2, which does need a little cleaning up
>(maybe that solid line under the logo to be gotten rid of).

Layout 1 is *much* better - cleaner, less fussy; the highlighting of 
the menu selection is much more obvious than in the second layout. 
Both, however, use quite pale blue text on a white background - this 
is not easy on the eyes & I'd want something slightly darker for the 
main body text if nothing else. The orange text on a white background 
in layout 2 is very bad - orange or yellow on white is *never* easy 
to read.

I should also say that I looked at the second layout twice before I 
even noticed the text "amazingly innovative" vertically arranged at 
the right - and I had to really look at it to read it. In layout 1, I 
had absorbed it without any conscious effort. Vertically presented 
text is never easy to read, even on paper.


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