[thelist] The dreaded frameset

Paola Kathuria paola at limitless.co.uk
Sat Mar 17 08:25:00 CST 2001

Laura Lynch wrote:
[about a framed site]
> -I can't get the frames to stay butted together at the top left. As I resize
> the browser, they come apart.

Netscape (4) doesn't seem to strictly honour the frame margin tags.

I got around the problem by setting the margins in the actual page
(as well as when defining the frames) using <body marginwidth="0"
marginheight="0" ...) (set them to whatever you set in the frameset
in the page).  This workaround unfortunately means that maintaining
pages margins takes twice as long...

> - In Netscape (Mac -- haven't check PC yet {don't get me started} but IIRC
> the same bug exists in both) when I resize, all CSS information is lost
> until refresh. This doesn't happen with other CSS dependent sites I've
> built, so I assume it's a problem with Netscape's handling of frames.

I haven't come across this before and so can't help.


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