[thelist] ani difranco fans? comments?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 17 13:01:17 CST 2001

> From: matthew garrett <matthew.garrett at snet.net>
> Hi Aardvark,

hey, funny running into you again... weren't you everywhere a 
couple days ago?

> I like it.


> I have to agree with the consensus that the animations should come up
> faster on the inner pages. In fact, I know it's a usability no-no, but
> rolling-over the squares to expand them (while the "active" page is
> already expanded) would be very clear/nice.

working on that... i hope... i like that idea overall...

> I don't mind the "pukey" background colors, 'cause if you can't use
> them for RBR, then where *can* you use them? We're talkin' rock star
> here; anything goes.

yeah !

> It seems like there are too many broken links in the Ani section to be
> live, but that's probably another client preference... but all of
> those links should do something besides sit there, even if it's a lame
> "coming soon" thing. That way the user knows it's incomplete, not
> broken.

yeah, the 'coming soon,' believe it or not, would have pushed the 
launch *time* (not date) back too far... it's only gonna be that way 
until content starts to appear on monday... it was easier to build 
them as links now so we can add good hrefs later...

> Don't sweat the liquid tables. in this case they would look baaad (in
> the bad sense).


> The ability to click on the Righteous Babe herself to go home is a
> design oportunity that i envy. Well done.

heh... yeah, i wanted her to say 'ouch'...

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