[thelist] Qwest DNS Purgatory

Daniel E. Boen dan at the-plate.com
Sat Mar 17 13:31:17 CST 2001


I've posted once or twice.  I'm having some horrible DNS issues and perhaps
some of you can help me out.  Here's the scenario:

- Recently switched a domain from someone's personal Qwest/USWest account to
a decent server.

- the domain is susstones.com, the IP address it points to for the non-qwest
world is  Accessing the site on the new server is no problem
for any non-Qwest visitors.

- Qwest users can not access the site by entering http://susstones.com, but
can if they enter the IP address.

- If a Qwest user enters http://www.susstones.com, he or she will be routed
to the old Qwest server and IP address (!

- This is not only annoying but poses big problems for us:  my friend can't
get mail, because of course Qwest won't let him find mail.susstones.com.

Talking to Qwest tech support on this issue results in complete silence on
the other end of the line.  So we're in trouble.  Is there anything I can do
on my end?

Erik Matthies mentioned to me that there might be some way to force a
refresh of the DNS???  Could not find refs to it in the evolt archive.
Please help if you can!

Thank you very much,
Daniel Boen

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