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the head lemur headlemur at qwest.net
Sat Mar 17 14:09:47 CST 2001

> Talking to Qwest tech support on this issue results in complete silence on
> the other end of the line.  So we're in trouble.  Is there anything I can
> on my end?

 run for your life!!
am in phoenix and have a qwest dialup
I don't offer this because i am clueful, but because I have had to learn all
this just to figure out where the problems are so i can upload files. there
is not a lot of choice for POP in arizona.

they have a large group of people who are totally clueless.
they have been having router problems to the backbone and email server
problems for a least 20 days that i am aware of.
in the 17 times i have talked with them
(never mind the anal retentive business)
talking to the NOC twice, i have discovered that they do not seem to have
anyone on staff who understands I.P addressing ,router configuration, repair
or customer service.

the email issue alone took 4 calls to finally get someone to admit that
there was a problem, and they would address it when the number of complaints
rose to a significant number. you really don't know how high that number is.

Qwest is a company that is an unholy alliance of telcos and salesmen. In
arizona they have been advertising DSL for two years. They now offer cable
connections. The problem is that they are attempting to be an ISP which in
itself is a full time job, and your cable company.

The problem is in the mutually exclusive nature of these two product
offerings. So instead of being to offer economy of scale in pipes and
content, they fall in the dirt with abysmal service, untrained personnel,
and other crimes against pixel mechanics.

Qwest is just the guy in my area, but i am sure that your guys are just as

as for your IP issue The Domain Name server at quest needs to have the
update done because they are using their own server for their network
customers. when a request comes in to a network, it is routed to an internal
DNS server, to speed up the request process, which is a good thing right up
to the point that they miss an update.

which is where you are right now.

If you are in the mood for expermentation, you can always telnet into the
router, ping the boxes until you find the DNS server and make the changes
yourself. It's a little more complicated than that, but those are the basic

the head lemur
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