[thelist] site layout critique

arch mayday1999 at zdnetonebox.com
Sat Mar 17 15:57:42 CST 2001

Hi ted:

In my opinion, version 1 is better - cleaner and up to the point...

Overall, great colors! Looking forward to see the released site.

Best of luck,

::: Arthur Chidlovski :::
Digital Me-Mix in the Browser

whats up.

i'm working on a new site and am trying to get it up within a week orso.
i'm on an accelerated process and would like to stop and fix any majorbugs
before i move on in each step, so that i don't waste a lot of time inthe

therefore i'm asking for anyones suggestions/comments on the followingtwo
layouts and if i should use one of over the other or what to fix ect.or
there is something inherently wrong that you see in one of the designs.

as of now, i'm leaning towards layout2, which does need a little cleaningup
(maybe that solid line under the logo to be gotten rid of).


thanks a ton

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