[thelist] Qwest DNS Purgatory

deke web at master.gen.in.us
Sat Mar 17 18:08:19 CST 2001

On 17 Mar 2001, at 12:31, Daniel E. Boen wrote:

> - the domain is susstones.com, the IP address it points to for the non-qwest
> world is  Accessing the site on the new server is no problem
> for any non-Qwest visitors.
> - If a Qwest user enters http://www.susstones.com, he or she will be routed
> to the old Qwest server and IP address (!
Most ISPs seem to use caching DNS. I've heard of cases where it
can take a month before remote corners of the internet get their DNS
refreshed. When you move a website, you should always maintain the
old site - or have it redirect to the new IP - for a month after you move
in order to not lose traffic. 

Yeah, NOW you find out. But there are others on the list who don't
want to make that mistake.

> - This is not only annoying but poses big problems for us:  my friend can't
> get mail, because of course Qwest won't let him find mail.susstones.com.

Your user can enter instead of mail.susstones.com in his 
email program to access his POP3 box.

This isn't the only problem with Qwest I've heard about recently. On another
list, there's a guy who ordered DSL from them. They couldn't install it for
some reason or another. They are billing him for it. In order to get the
billing stopped, the service technicians have to issue a report saying that
the service was removed. They can't do that, because the service doesn't
exist. But the billing continues, and if he doesn't pay it, his phone gets
cut off. 

I think I'd be jumping up and down in the state public utilities commission 
offices with three lawyers by my side, and perhaps a friend carrying a 
bazooka, but it doesn't seem to bother him much. I don't know what he's
smoking, but I sure could use some....


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