[thelist] Qwest DNS Purgatory

dannyB dan at the-plate.com
Sat Mar 17 19:30:44 CST 2001

Thank you all for your help!  All of your replies have shed more light on
the subject.  We're making headway now thanks to the good evolt folx...

> Most ISPs seem to use caching DNS. I've heard of cases where it
> can take a month before remote corners of the internet get their DNS
> refreshed. When you move a website, you should always maintain the
> old site - or have it redirect to the new IP - for a month after you move
> in order to not lose traffic.
> Yeah, NOW you find out. But there are others on the list who don't
> want to make that mistake.

Yeah, we've been re-realizing this the past couple of days.

> Your user can enter instead of mail.susstones.com in his
> email program to access his POP3 box.

Wow!  How did you find this address?  I poked around but came up empty
handed.  Nothing I had would find an IP address for mail.susstones.com

> This isn't the only problem with Qwest I've heard about recently. On another
> list, there's a guy who ordered DSL from them. They couldn't install it for
> some reason or another. They are billing him for it. In order to get the
> billing stopped, the service technicians have to issue a report saying that
> the service was removed. They can't do that, because the service doesn't
> exist. But the billing continues, and if he doesn't pay it, his phone gets
> cut off. 

I too have other issues with USWest Is Now Qwest that aren't worth going
into here.  But suffice to say that I hate them.

Thanx again everyone,

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