[thelist] Business practices

Marcelo Mammana light-underwater at light-underwater.com
Sat Mar 17 23:11:50 CST 2001

Hi all,

I am currently working on a project proposal for an independent outdoor
american photographer who needs a website to promote his work (both images
and editorial work).
The website has about 40 pages, from 7-9 masterpages (where the hard work
takes place). I will be in charge of the whole project: site design, images
preparation (lots of them), text preparation, etc.
The site will not have animation or Java applets. Maybe one or two forms.
I will also be in charge of monthly maintenance, if needed.

I would appreciate some feedback on the following questions:

1) Working for someone that lives outside my country makes me difficult to
know which is (if there is such) the international standard, how much can I
charge, etc.
Do you charge per hour, per page, per project?

2) My initial charging proposal would be $3500 for the project, + $150/month
(minor adjustments in text, mainly), when updating is needed. Is this OK? Is
this too low or to high?

3) I plan to charge about $1500 in advance, and the rest, when the project
is finished. 
Which is the standard procedure, considering we live in different countries?
I mean, should I upload the finished website in my own server, so the client
could evaluate and then complete the payment, and only then upload to his
server (just to protect my work)? Or is there another way to do it?

Thank you very much for your time.
Best regards,

Marcelo Mammana
Buenos Aires, Argentina

                       mm at light-underwater.com


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