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> ok guys.
> if you could take one more look and let me know if there any other major
> problems, that would be great. than i can move into full scale production
> tomorrow (or later today i guess).

Hi Ted -
Did a quick proof read of your page and I recommend fixing five items:

1) Paragraph 2 "but for this happen," etc., you need to include a "to" as in
"but for this to happen,"

2) Paragraph 4 "an unique" etc. may be grammatically correct but no one says
"an unique" rather "a unique".

4) if you want to "a a milne" the text in the body, would be best to use
lower case for the beginning of every sentence. If not, then use the
traditional upper case/lower case for every sentence.

5) At the bottom, "all rights resevered" should be "all rights reserved" and
I would write "copyrighted" rather than "copyright" or delete "this site"
altogether and leave the word "copyright" as is.

LOVE your design; it's stunning! What a lot of work went into this one.
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