[thelist] 3D on the web (WAS:Whatever happened to VRML?)

viveka me at karmanaut.com
Sun Mar 18 09:07:07 CST 2001

At 2:59 PM +0100 18/3/01, __ Chris Bell __ wrote:
>>Why wouldn't you use VRML? I'm honestly interested - what's wrong with it?
>Nothing is wrong with it.
>>Why does cult3D beat it for you?
>Because it has a much higher viewing quality than VRML (IMNSHO).
>I can build a model in my 3D app. and retain reflection maps.
>Because clients want to see their products look good.

Ah, reflection maps. Yes, they are nice. Cortona does
reflection mapping in the PC version of the plugin,
although i think the Mac version doesn't support it yet.

It also does NURBS, and I've heard them talking
recently about multi-texturing and particle effects.

VRML ain't what it was in '97, though not many people
know that yet. And the MacOS authoring tools still
need to happen.


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