[thelist] site layout critique - UPDATED

Betsy Martens bigshoulders at mindspring.com
Sun Mar 18 14:35:07 CST 2001

I would make a couple of changes that were mentioned in the discussion of
the initial designs:

1. The vertical type for the tagline "amazingly innovative" (assuming it's
an actual tagline) is really, really annoying and basically a waste of the
branding. Instead I would place it horizontally in the space on the left
between the first and second horizontal lines, leaving the date placement
where it is (i.e., between the second and third horizontal lines).

2. I find that the large type within the body text creates a jarring
dissonance compared with the elegance and understatement of your overall
layout, which is really very sophisticated and lovely. The larger type has
the same effect as CAPS and to the READER just naturally seems like SHOUTING
even though YOUR intent may be otherwise. I would simply make all the type
the same size and the same color in this area, and make the *writing* carry
the power and the punch.


Betsy Martens
Information Architect
Big Shoulders Information Design
bigshoulders at mindspring.com

> From: "ted serbinski" <tss24 at cornell.edu>
> Reply-To: thelist at lists.evolt.org
> Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 01:48:00 -0500
> To: <thelist at lists.evolt.org>
> Subject: [thelist] site layout critique - UPDATED
> ok guys.
> i've taken all of your suggestions, a few tweaks of my own, and some other
> random stuff to come out with a completely updated, hybrid design, easy to
> read, and easy to use (hopefully).
> if you could take one more look and let me know if there any other major
> problems, that would be great. than i can move into full scale production
> tomorrow (or later today i guess).
> lastest and hopefully final design:
>> http://www.people.cornell.edu/pages/tss24/layout3.gif
> old designs for comparison:
>> http://www.people.cornell.edu/pages/tss24/layout.gif
>> http://www.people.cornell.edu/pages/tss24/layout2.gif
> thanks again
> -ted
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