[thelist] Business practices and Anti-Trust

zac zac at pixelgeek.com
Sun Mar 18 17:31:58 CST 2001

> I don't agree with your argument that not quoting a case number
> somehow invalidates the Guild FAQ and their research on this.

It makes it impossible to verify.  And without any ability to verify it its
basically hearsay

And given that there were no details (no mention of the people involved, the
brokerage nor the date) it sounds anecdotal. And I find it rather perplexing
that it would be included at all given the information that you provide.

Either way, it seems rather moot. The case law examples at the antitrust.org
site all point to very specific examples of people working in collusion in
small markets and in secret.

How this would possible apply to a mailing list with international
membership is beyond me

As well, there is the problem that the HTML Writers Guild case involved
people with membership in a corporation.  As such a case might (and its a
huge stretch) be made that the list wasn't public and its communications
were therefore a set of private discussions among members of a corporate
entity. Therefore it could be consider price fixing in that, and only in
that, context.

That case can't be made for this list at all. None of the participants of
this list are members of a single legal entity or corporation (as was the
case in the HTML Writers Guild) and as such there isn't really any
correlation between the legal findings for that situation and this list.


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