[thelist] Layers for Layout??

Martin Kuplens-Ewart martin at graphicist.com
Sun Mar 18 19:09:54 CST 2001


first a general comment... first thing i found myself doing was
clicking on the "enter >>" animation.. might not be so good to have
that unlinked/there ?


I'm really not sure why you didn't use tables... sure, it involves
cutting up the images... but at least then you wouldn't have the
browser-compatability headaches...

-martin  (a fan of complex tabling)

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> I'm designing a site for a client and due to their wishing as near
to their
> paper design as possible, I've have decided to us layers for the
layout of
> the site.  It look as it should (or as I'd like it to) in IE 5.5 but
> leaves a gap at the bottom corner.  It's easier explained if you go
> www.designbyfusion.co.uk/main.htm . I'd appreciate any comments as
to why
> this gap appears even though the layers been set to the same width
as the
> graphic??
> I'm also quite new to this, so I'd also like comments on whether
this is an
> acceptable way to lay out a site (I know what it looks like in NS4),
> keen to learn how to use things properly rather than how dreamweaver
> it out.

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