[thelist] Come on: Windows 2000 and IE 5.5 (form bugs)

Paul Dewey paul_dewey at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 18 21:39:10 CST 2001

Come on I know someone out there can help.  Over 2000 people is on this list 
and no one can help?  Come on someone can help, maybe even a little?
Did anyone recieve this? Can anyone help me?
To the 2000 - 1 people out there (1 is me).  I have a question: I have 
working on converting PERL Scripts to a java servlet that is accessed via 
JSP.  One form that is used pulls a file the user has selected from their 
computer and the user fills in the usual info on the rest of the form (ie 
name, address, e-mail...).  WHen I test this form in Windows 2000 with IE 
5.5 I get two e-mail sent out instead of one like the servlet is written.  I 
know it is not the servlet because i test the same form on Windows 2000 with 
Netscape and it works fine.
  I have also tested it on a MAC, Windows NT with IE and Netscape.  ANy idea 
to what is going on?  Right now we have it just bypass or block the first 
submit and this causes the user to have to push the back arrow and resubmit. 
  Once the user has used the form more than once the problem doesn't occur.  
Any idea?


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