[thelist] Problem Forms...

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Sun Mar 18 22:52:15 CST 2001


I went back and looked at your original code.  Do you have a URL available
where we can see this in action?

A few ideas pop into mind, what is the width of the <td> ?  It's not
explicitly set, so perhaps NS is saying there's no more room, so it throws
the submit button to the next line?

Another idea would be that the maxlength and style width in px may be thrown
NS for a loop.  Might have to play with those options a bit.  Perhaps, if
you turn on your tables lines, you'll probably be able to see what's
happening more clearly?

There is an extra space in the input statement for the submit button ..
right at the very end before the closing bracket as well.

<td bgcolor="#FFFFCC">
<input name="sp-q" maxlength="800" style="width:125px" size="12">
<input type="submit" value="Go" name="submit" >
<input type=hidden name="sp-a" value="00012087-sp00000000">

If none of these options work, can we see the page in action?



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> Now just the problem with NS4.6 putting the submit button onto the next
> line. Any ideas?

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