[thelist] Problem Forms...

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Mon Mar 19 00:08:40 CST 2001


Yeah, this works fine.

<input name="sp-q" maxlength="800" size="8">&nbsp;<input type="submit"
value="Go" name="submit">

Not sure what you mean by a work around now though.  Seems fine in NS and
IE5.5 (PC) here.  Maxlength of 800 is probably over-kill, but I don't think
it matters.

I would just edit the size value to make it a bit longer and still fit
within your table structure.

You may want to delete the class that is applied to the <td>, I don't think
it is necessary?

                  <td bgcolor="#FFFFCC" class="MenuEntry">



P.S.  That site is looking really good.. I like it lots!!  :)

> > Hmmm. Thats there for IE, NS6, Opera etc, so i'm not mad keen on
> > them. I'll mess around with them though and see if that works...
> Buggrit. It was that. Anybody know of a workaround?

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