[thelist] CF: Tag to insert into body tag

jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Mon Mar 19 05:07:38 CST 2001


: From: Frank
: > I don't now of any off hand (I assume
: > you've searched the developers Exchange?)
: > but why not build your own?  Build a module
: > and pass it a body "type" and then based on
: > that type insert the appropriate body tag.
: > You could use a cfswitch tag to handle it all.
: SLAP! (Ow! my forehead!)
: Well, that was just a little too obvious
: wasn't it? Good idea, thanks.

before you rush off to build a cf_body custom tag, let me warn against this
route in favor of the script block method i proposed for performance reasons
related to custom tags.  you're much better off avoiding the performance hit
of the custom tag by using a different method of calling a function with the
onload event handler.  i'd suggest that you save the custom tag writing for
instances where other solutions are more difficult to use.

good luck,


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