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> For our European visitors,
> Your response that you are beyond the reach of the US anti-trust 
> regulators,
> I would direct your attention to extradition agreements between 
> the US  the
> EU and the majority of the planet.

WHOA.  Calm down.

I'm not getting involved in your US-related discussion,
but antitrust is

a) Not so hysterically enforced outside the US (where it 
seems that antitrust activity is somewhere in the vicinity
of child abuse in severity, an attitude which the rest
of the world finds downright bizarre), and

b) Not something one can be extradited for.  Ever.  Which
is why the entire world outside the US allows the diamond
industry to operate.

I'm all for rational discussion (of course!), but this one 
just left the realm of sanity and into wild and uninformed 
speculation, which helps no-one, including 

* The original poster, who IIRC is not a US citizen
* The vast number of non-US citizens on the list who
  view this stuff with not a small amount of ennui...

... until you tread on our toes with it. :-)

John Handelaar

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