[thelist] Quickie rant about Verio.

Green, Janet JGreen at DesMoinesMetro.com
Mon Mar 19 11:46:54 CST 2001

Snip from that article about Verio... 
>>>>None of this addresses the essential mystery here, that
Florkes' domain is registered at Network Solutions, not Verio.
Did Verio hijack the domain from the Network Solutions
database, or is there a deal between Verio and Network
Solutions to host inactive domains?<<<
end snip

Well, ISN'T there a deal between the two, and if there is, what is wrong
with that? Companies share/sell customer lists all the time, it is a
tried/true/approved method of marketing. And even more likely in this case,
considering that the info is available at WHOIS free of charge.  I've used
Verio (formerly Tabnet) for years, and thought that originally, they were
somehow connected to Network Solutions. I didn't always use them for hosting
(though sometimes I did), and never had any of the problems described in
this thread. I'm just surprised that everyone thinks they are so sleazy,
because I never got that impression and I never considered it inappropriate
that they would put up an advertising-laden "under construction" page,
mainly because they *told* me they were going to do that when I registered
the name, and I therefore had the choice of NOT registering with them. Guess
I considered that a cost of doing business while I made up my mind about
where to host, and never had any problems transfering a domain once the
decision was made. 


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