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> Has anyone got any experience of using the Apple's Darwin
> Streaming Server,
> the Open Source version of QuickTime Streaming Server available for Linux?
> We are looking into offering this as a service for a client but our ISP
> seems less than reluctant to give us advice on implementing it. Our ISP is
> asking why we don't want to use RealVideo

Because it costs a bleedin fortune, I imagine

> but our experience from a user
> point of view is that QuickTime offers better quality content and more
> interactivity.

It's OK if you have a Mac, or have spent the time downloading
the 9MB of program stuff.  Interactivity-wise it doesn't
do anything you can't also do with Real.

Quicktime does have these very serious disadvantages, though:

*  It can't really handle broadband
*  It still doesn't so much stream as do a progressive download
   which leaves a copy of the movie in tact in your cache
*  It SUCKS at live broadcasting - and there's only one
   live encoder on earth, and it only runs on Macs.

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