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> >The only remaining hint I'd have is that Apple's
> >Quicktime people are completely and utterly not fscking
> >interested in you if you're not using a Mac: "Why would
> >we want to help someone develop a live encoder for another
> >operating system?"  was one question I got from Team
> >Navelgazing (TM).  I tried to explain it to him but
> >received actual verbal abuse in response (copy available
> >on request, if I'm in a bad mood later in the week.).
> Well, I wish they had treated you with more respect, but that is a good
> point. Apple makes machines and an OS. Microsoft makes an OS. Neither make
> encoders for other platforms. At least Apple makes a server for other
> platforms :) Real makes encoders, servers and clients. The more
> platforms on
> which they run, the better!

My point to them was that servers cost more money than
clients.  I'd use (read: buy) a MacOS X server for QTSS
because it's pretty much guaranteed to be ahead of the
curve for features and stablility, given that it's 'home
ground'.  If they think I'm going to spend $2000 on a
Mac just to encode for it they can shove their platform.

Yes, that sounds slightly illogical under certain
circumstances, but there are millions of people who
stream things for a living (which we mostly do, despite
the impression I've been giving here for the last
2 years) who just can't be bothered.  You want cross-
platform, you use Real 5 or G2.  QTSS doesn't begin to
compete in quality-versus-bitrate anyway - not yet.

In any case, the main reason Apple is dumb here is,
as usual, it's using pointless delaying tactics.  The API
is open-source, some companies are building encoders.
They're handing an income stream to a third party, forever,
for no reason in order to protect a few thousand bucks
in hardware sales. Again.

<clever-historical-joke type="feeling pleased with myself">
Apple are a bunch of Cnuts.  A-ha.  Two fantastic double-
entendres in one thread; my mother would be proud :-)
</tres amusant>

> >They
> >ported Darwin to Linux about 2 years ago, before
> >Apple bothered to try.
> I've heard of Entera, and believe they have ported QTSS/DSS (same thing,
> different name) to Linux and some other operating systems. That's the nice
> thing about Apple opening up the source code to the server :) I
> think you're
> talking about porting the Streaming Server to Linux because porting Darwin
> (a BSD-based OS) to Linux (a Linux-based OS) wouldn't make a lot of sense.

Of course you're right - it's because it used to be
referred to as Darwin Streaming Server.

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