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Mon Mar 19 13:43:10 CST 2001

¡Hola Marcelo!

On 19 Mar 2001, at 14:38, Marcelo Mammana wrote about [thelist] 
Re: Business and charging practices:

> You know, some "don't be idiot, that's too low" or "you are crazy,
> that's too high" kind of answer. May be this goes against the law. I
> don't think so, but I am not a lawyer.

as somebody else said, if your client is ready to pay that kind of 
money go for it. Here - Italy - I just signed a deal with a travel 
agency that thought that half of what you're charging was wayyyy 
tooooo much  ;-) 

A good share of my work is site maintenance - actually, I'm not even 
considering jobs that not include maintenance. I would work on that 
side of the deal. 

A monthly stat report would show if the site is working, which 
sections are generating more traffic, if search engines are bringing 
visitors over, and so on. Getting a few, stable maintenance jobs can 
help during hard times and also guarantee that nobody is going to 
wreck what you've created.

Write off list if you need more details. And sorry to hear that your 
country is in trouble again...



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