[thelist] Colors suggestion

Paola Kathuria paola at limitless.co.uk
Mon Mar 19 21:27:42 CST 2001

mashkin at themail.com wrote:
> Could anyone suggest me some books, magazines or sites
> where I can learn more about COLORS in web design.

Try my guide at http://www.limitless.co.uk/colour/tips.html
(please note that the surrounding company site doesn't exist yet).

I've had a look at the other links suggested and saw that
they're mostly browser-safe colour swatches and selectors.
My resource started out as a lo-tech colour selector for the
216 palette but I think that the collection of tips is now
the most useful thing on it, especially since it covers
topics that I haven't yet seen elsewhere.

Here's an extract from the resource's home page:

  Most people now have monitors that can display more than 256
  colours.  There is no need to limit everyone to 256 colours;
  it is possible to design for monitors that can only display
  256 colours, as well as for those that can display more colours.

  This resource includes a collection of tips which explain how
  to use the browser-safe palette to make images look good on 256
  (8-bit) monitors but which will look *better* on monitors with
  more colours. There are also general colour tips regarding
  page tiles and maximising text legibility.

I took the opportunity to update the resource today.  I tend to
write easiest when on demand and, since I wish I wrote more, if
you have any questions (or find any mistakes), please let me
know and I'll update it accordingly.  Thanks.


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