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deke web at master.gen.in.us
Mon Mar 19 21:34:17 CST 2001

On 19 Mar 2001, at 18:36, Minh Lee Goon wrote:

> Here's my question: How do I display that information so that it's
> understandable? It doesn't have to be graphical, just comprehensive. The
> crudest method would be to query each column in the results database for
> every possible option (i.e. four queries per question for each option,
> using the WHERE clause in my SELECT statement) and then displaying the
> results using RecordCount.

I fought with this one for a *long* time a couple of years ago. I
didn't want to get into graphics programming, and when this one
came to me after a couple of weeks, I was embarassed that I
hadn't thought of it earlier. 

You see, single pixel gifs are useful in colors other than blank. 

You can make up split bar charts like this:

src="colorA.gif" height="5" width="129"><img
src="colorB.gif" height="5" width="58"><img
src="colorC.gif" height="5" width="91"><img
src="colorD.gif" height="5" width="122">

or you can do vertical bars

<td valign=bottom align=center><img src=colorA.gif width=50 height=129>
<td valign=bottom align=center><img src=colorA.gif width=50 height=58>
<td valign=bottom align=center><img src=colorA.gif width=50 height=91>
<td valign=bottom align=center><img src=colorA.gif width=50 height=122>

Hope this idea works out as well for you as it did for me.


> I hope I don't have to do that, but I was just wondering if anyone has
> had any experience with displaying results of a survey similar to mine.
> I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me.
> Thanks in advance,
> </ml>
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