[thelist] Displaying survey results

Sean German sgerman at sprockets.com
Tue Mar 20 10:42:42 CST 2001


While he doesn't directly address displaying data on the web, Edward R.
Tufte is an excellent author covering the area of charts, graphs, survey
results, etc.

I especially recommend "The Visual Display of Quantitative Information" and
"Envisioning Information".  While the examples and explanations almost
exclusively deal with print media, reading a CRT is more stressful on the
eyes than reading a printed page, making Tufte's recommendations on the use
of black and white space and color even more appropriate.

Plus in most cases, the more effective of two possible graphical designs
will generally have less 'ink' and likely download and render faster.



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> I've been asked to create a survey in ColdFusion and then display the
> results after the user has submitted his/her response. I was wondering
> how I could go about displaying the results in the most efficient
> manner.

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