[thelist] resizing in browswer

Janice Tocher janice at discoverysystems.com
Tue Mar 20 11:12:48 CST 2001

Hey Aardvark,
Really like the idea of adding buttons to the page to increase the font
size! (unfortunate to hear that few people are taking advantage of the
option, tho)
Where can I see and example of your work? Would be interested to see how to
do this dynamically with CSS - get frustrated trying to use the 'ems' and
'percentage' sizes!

on 3/20/01 11:58 AM, you wrote:

> it's same with font sizing... i've got a few sites where people can
> resize the fonts via a button on the page (although the use of CSS
> can allow this, many users don't use the font sizing controls offered
> in the browser)... but they still complain about text being too small
> or too large... i've given the user the ability to control it, but the user
> hasn't taken the opportunity...

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