[thelist] JSP vs ASP vs PHP vs CF

Seth Bienek seth at sethbienek.com
Tue Mar 20 11:42:58 CST 2001


> CF is quick to learn and program but you might find it restictive after a

I have never found CF to be restrictive; in fact I have yet to find
something that can be done in ASP or JSP or PHP that could not be done in
CF.  Furthermore, I've found that it can usually be developed faster in CF,
with no noticible performance loss.

> Also the language is made up of tags which gets tedius after a while for
large amount of code

I can tell by this statement that you are not very familiar with CF.  Anyone
who has used CF extensively and who knows the OOP languages as well can
affirm,  your CF code will almost always be much much more compact and
simpler to debug than ASP or JSP.

> It doesn't have objects and functions

CF is not object-oriented, so it does not have objects.  There are a few
developer mothodologies out there that will allow you to develop CF apps in
an OO format, though.

CF has HUNDREDS of functions built-in, and with the release of 5.0 (which is
currently in Beta 2 release and due out in a couple months), will support
user-defined functions as well.

Can I get an amen?

But seriously, it isn't my intention to defend CF or denounce the other
languages. These are just a couple glaring mis-statements in your message
that I thought should be pointed out and corrected.  Otherwise your message
made alot of good points.

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