[thelist] tabs or compressing dictionary lists

Paola Kathuria paola at limitless.co.uk
Tue Mar 20 12:10:24 CST 2001

James Aylard wrote:
> IE behaves much like Netscape in this respect: so long as the
> definition term <dt> is within a certain width (appears to be about 40px in
> the sample I tested on IE 5.01 on Win32), IE will place the definition-list
> definition on the same line as the definition term.

Yikes, I must have been using iffy mark-up all this time!  Will you
make your test page available?   I'm looking at a page with just a
single digit in the DT of a COMPACT list and both IE 3 and 5.5 show
the DD part on the next line.

See http://www.ppig.org/workshops/9th-programme.html (papers listed
in a compact DL list, with the paper numbers defined by the DT tag).


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