[thelist] tabs or compressing dictionary lists

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Mar 20 14:03:55 CST 2001

> And while I'm not writing in xhtml (yet),
> I'm trying to do certain things properly. . .

hi jonathan

judging from a quick look at your code
(http://members.evolt.org/jswiders/index.php?id=catcharl), you are only a
few minutes away from xhtml transitional

try it, there really isn't a lot of effort to make the switch to xhtml

(xhtml strict, like html strict, though, is a *lot* harder -- heck, it
won't even allow hspace on images)

xhtml insists on well-formededness (don't blame me, i learned that word on
w3c) and the benefit to me, as a developer, is that it really helped me
understand the difference between block and inline elements

which is very useful knowledge if you wish to apply css styles

> I'd rather not use tables.  No special reason, I'd just rather not.


but tables validate, and there's really really really nothing wrong with
using them if there is no acceptable alternative

in your case, where you have nested dl's (with the outer dl actually
containing the entire contents!), i would say something much simpler is
called for --

   <h2>Catholic Charities Family Center</h2>
   <p>203 West Eighth Street
   <br />Lorain, OH 44052
   <br /><strong>tel : </strong>440/244-9915
   <br /><strong>fax : </strong>440/245-1057
   <br /><strong>contact : </strong>Rebecca Sigal, Community Outreach</p>
   <!-- and so on from here -->

(and please don't anybody tell me <strong> is wrong)

my personal opinion, but your page looks like it will support a h2/h3/h4
heirarchy very well, which i would call a more appropriate structure than
nested dl's

you can supply the additional indentation (provided by your nested dl's) in
style sheets if necessary, but i don't think it'll be necessary


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