[thelist] [mod_perl/Apache::DBI] undefined symbol:

Dean Mah dsmah at home.com
Tue Mar 20 15:51:06 CST 2001

I'd be very careful of going to Perl 5.6.  It seems to be a lot more
finicky about certain things.  If you have poorly written code or have
inherited badly written code (because I know your code is pristine :) ),
you may run into problems.  I upgraded to Perl 5.6 which caused a
couple scripts that worked under 5.005_03 to core dump!  I would
migrate on a development box first and make sure to test everything
else out.


Anthony Baratta writes:
> I really appreciate the information. I'm not the expert, but his solution 
> is very lucid and most probably the correct thing to do - including moving 
> to Perl 5.6.

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