[thelist] illustrator paths and points

Jamie Bakum jamie.bakum at circle.com
Tue Mar 20 16:15:36 CST 2001

Hi Amanda - 

One way I cheat in Illustrator is to just check "view grid", and use the
intersections to insure my points are evenly spaced -

I also (as was noted by aardvark) will sometimes draw "half" of something,
then duplicate, reverse, and join the halves with the pathfinder tool -

Joe's "shard" method also sounds workable -

Sorry these are all still pretty much hacks ;-)

Good luck


>> I'm not good at giving out written instructions, but.. I would suggest
>> going  and finding a copy of Adobe's Classroom in a book for Illustrator.
>> It's a very very good walk through tutorial for Illustrator.  Also,
>> there's a cd included that allows you to trace objects with basically
>> movement by movment instructions.

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