[thelist] illustrator paths and points

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Tue Mar 20 16:28:16 CST 2001

"A. Erickson" wrote:
> Fer instance... when I'm making a curved line, it doesn't always curve in
> the smoothest manner because I'm doing it by hand and sometimes I get it
> right and other times I don't. God forbid I should want to create another
> curve that matches it. Is there some tool that I'm missing? What do you all
> work with when you're making paths?

Another thought - one good way to get smooth curves is to *start* with
the pen tool and ONLY draw straight lines to the corners of design. say
you were drawing surfboard from the top down - you could do start with
the diamond shape - 4 points - then modify the points that need
smoothing with the "Convert Direction Point Tool."

Really though - the approach will be dictated by the logo itself.

Another technique is to use a "Lego" type approach. - build pieces and
parts out of filed boxes and lines, then combine them later.

And if you have a complex shape that's symmetrical, build one side, then
make a copy, and flip it with the "Reflect" tool.

	- Joe
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