[thelist] liquid table height?

Jesus G. Gorriti Jesus.Gorriti at iconmedialab.es
Wed Mar 21 03:49:22 CST 2001

> hmmm. i could have sworn i read somewhere you couldn't really do that
> because not many browsers supported it. or do they in the 
> height tag????
> (anyone?) if so, than i guess this isn't too much of a problem than.

The only way to have a 100% working liquid table based on height is
using javascript telling the browser to recalculate the height
of the table if someone resizes the browser. Because there
are some glitches with Netscape and Explorer about height="100%" with


<tip type="liquid design" author="gorriti">
Liquid Design is cool. But too many times
it is sacrificed because of bad project

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