[thelist] Redirecting a Form

J J squid_66 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 21 07:18:32 CST 2001

Not to mention the nasty warning that those types of
forms pop-up letting you know your information is
being emailed.  For the average web user, that message
can be quite scarey.

Just use a simple server-side solution.  This way you
can format the email however you'd like, you can
process it server-side and even dump to a database,
then redirect however you wish.  Basically you get
full control and no hassle for the end user.


--- Anthony Baratta <Anthony at Baratta.com> wrote:
> At 09:13 AM 3/20/2001, you wrote:
> >I've a form with an action="mailto:any at any.com" and
> would like this form
> >to redirect to a confirmation page.  At clients
> request, im trying to
> >'avoid using a CGI script'.   I've tried

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