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Shashank Tripathi shanx at shanx.com
Wed Mar 21 08:06:37 CST 2001

Hi adrian,

I am not sure if I quite understand, but if you are looking for you at me.com
email addresses, Squirrelmail is most likely not for you. Its just a
web-based email access to *already existing email accounts*.

You might like to take a look at www.everyone.net , www.outblaze.com (Hong
Kong based) or www.commtouch.com (I am not sure now but everyone.net used to
be free).

Did I miss your question completely?


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 |  Hi Gang,
 |  has any one use SquirrelMail as a web based email program??
 |  It looks good but there is a lack of info about it.
 |  I dont actually own my own server but would like to offer
 |  you at me.com email
 |  addresses.  Ihave looked at someof the other free alternatives but dont
 |  particularly like them so was wondering if I could offer my own service?
 |  Any Ideas or suggestions?
 |  Thanks
 |  Adrian
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