[thelist] HTML EMail templates

Green, Janet JGreen at DesMoinesMetro.com
Wed Mar 21 09:58:47 CST 2001

>>>My firm is discussing designing a fancy html email template for the
marketing people to use... but can't seem to track down many solid reasons
this would be a bad idea.<<<

Well I don't have experience using them, but certainly if the folks
receiving these emails don't have their email clients configured to view a
"fancy html email template," or don't have the specified typefaces contained
in that fancy email, or otherwise are unable to view the "fanciness," then
your marketing department will clog the server sending fancy-looking emails
that recipients can't view. Your marketing folks know (or should know) all
about the importance of creating tools that are useful to their intended
audience, so they first need to be sure that a high percentage of their
intended audience can view these fancy emails. As for the (hopefully) small
percentage who CAN'T view them, well let's just hope those are the
*unimportant* recipients. <g>  


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