[thelist] Calling onSubmit from within a script

Gerd Baumann gb at inetwire.com
Wed Mar 21 11:49:57 CST 2001

> Aha,
> Try using the attribute onsubmit versus onSubmit (note the
> case-sensitivity).  XHTML does support JavaScript functions, but all XML
> attributes must be all lowercase letters.

Hi Ben,
thanks for your tip. I should have read yesterday's mails...


<tip type-="curves" language="freehand">
If you're trying to draw a smooth curve, keep your points to
a minimum and make sure to check "Automatic" in the Object
Inspector. This option adjusts the point handles of a selected
point with respect to the position of the preceding and following
points. If you correct the handles manually, "Automatic" will
switch off.

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