[thelist] illustrator paths and points

Natalie Klein nkle at lle.rochester.edu
Wed Mar 21 12:28:22 CST 2001

As someone who has Freehand running all day, every day, I'm in complete 
agreement with Rita. Paths are something you just something you "get" after 
a while. Keep practicing. You'll show up at your desk one day and have the 
hang of it.

I would like to add that Flash is probably not the best place to learn how 
to use paths. I've noticed  that Flash 5 still has some of the quirky 
drawing things left over from previous versions (minor things that really 
annoy me). If it is possible, use Freehand or some other vector software to 
do your illustration and then copy and paste into Flash. I've been able 
to  ungroup my drawing and do minor edits right in Flash.


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