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John Pye john.pye at purplehouse.com
Wed Mar 21 12:43:47 CST 2001

Thanks for giving it a try, Eric - I have written more detail on the problem
on the page you clicked through to before -
http://www.creativebase.com/test/popup. Thanks for trying - fancy a another
go ;?>

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Appears to work fine for me: Mac OS 9.1, IE 5.

I can only guess that it works since you didn't include a description of
what to
expect. I saw a page with two buttons: "open 1" and "open 2" - clicking on
either one opened a new smaller window with a number and a "close window"
which worked as expected.

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> Hey there listers!
> Can anybody see why this code fails to work on a mac IE 5?
> It works fine on a PC (IE5.5, netscape 4) and Mac Netscape 4.6?
> http://www.creativebase.com/test/popup
> The files there are two plain HTML files.
> I'd appreciate any suggestions - and a big tip on the way.
> Thanks
> John Pye
> www.creativebase.com

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