[thelist] javascript: popup windows on mac

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Wed Mar 21 12:55:37 CST 2001

John Pye wrote:
> Hey there listers!
> Can anybody see why this code fails to work on a mac IE 5?
> It works fine on a PC (IE5.5, netscape 4) and Mac Netscape 4.6?
> http://www.creativebase.com/test/popup
> The files there are two plain HTML files.
> I'd appreciate any suggestions - and a big tip on the way.


Try taking that one out. I don't know if that check is a meaningful one
in IE5.

On another note: is there a nice reference to objects and events which
are scriptable? In the first JavaScript Quickstart book there was a very
nice map of the window, links, location, history, images, etc arrays,
and their properties.

I'm thinking like a:
(etc, etc, etc)
-- preferably with color coding to say what were available in different
browsers, which ones were as old as the hills (Netscape 2) and which
ones were proprietary (document.all) and which ones we had hope for

Or has javascript ballooned out of control scope-wise and would now
require something the size of those big London Underground posters? Not
to mention the number of colors and asterisks to talk about all the
gotchas in it.

	- Joe
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