[thelist] Two things please..

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed Mar 21 14:28:22 CST 2001

Hola - 

Couple things I'd like to mention today..

1.) Please keep those posts on-topic, relevant, and somewhat
meaningful.. Theres a certain thread going on right about now, not to
point out any particular thread by any means, but its dealing with
text/html formatted email. It has some good examples of posts that are
neither on-topic, relevant, or halfway meaningful. I don't say this to
prevent people from posting, and I'm not singling anyone out, but this
isn't a chatroom where we send out the first thing that comes into our
mind.. I think we all can appreciate that, and we should all work to
help further that goal :)

2.) If you notice that you're sending messages to thelist, but they're
not 'showing up', make *SURE* you have HTML, RTF, whatever formatting
turned OFF for your outgoing messages. If you send anything at all
except plain text messages, they won't get through to the rest of
thelist, and no one else will be able to see your witty quip or
excellent question. 

In short: Plain text or no sex! hah.. err, not that I'm advocating sex
or anything, it just rhymed, and i like rhymes.. you can ask any admin
member and they'll tell you I'm a card carrying member of the Christian
Coalition :)

If anyone is confused about the email settings or has other questions,
feel free to contact me offlist as usual.



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