[thelist] illustrator paths and points

Tobias Wright Tobias.Wright at bentley.com
Wed Mar 21 15:02:52 CST 2001

Finally something I can help with.

If you are freehand drawing with the pencil tool, try clicking on he tool
twice and a pencil tools pref box will pop up.

There you can control just how *much* freedom you have with the pencil tool.

Also, a good way to create symmetrical odd shapes is to draw one side and
using the reflect tool while holding down option creates a mirror image copy
of the original shape.

you had said:
I'm working on a logo and having the usual bitch of a time with the paths
and points tool. One of my biggest problems is that I want things to look
mathematically correct and I just can't get it.

Fer instance... when I'm making a curved line, it doesn't always curve in
the smoothest manner because I'm doing it by hand and sometimes I get it
right and other times I don't. God forbid I should want to create another
curve that matches it. Is there some tool that I'm missing? What do you all
work with when you're making paths?

thanks in advance for any advice!

- amanda

Tobias Wright
Graphic Designer
Bentley Systems

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