[thelist] Internet Explorer: Text Fields

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 21 15:14:47 CST 2001

can you post a sample somewhere?

as a reference, if you add a comment to an article on evolt.org, all 
those <textareas> have an embedded style of width:100%... as do 
the code-displaying <textarea>s in articles... and i haven't heard of 
this before from anyone viewing the evolt.org site...

> From: "Joshua OIson" <joshua at alphashop.net>
> I have some text fields on an intranet application that use the
> style="width: 100%" to make sure they stretch to fit the container. 
> The only problem is that if the data in the text field grows to wide,
> it then pushes the container instead of just hiding the overflow, as
> is the normal behavior of the text area.  Any ideas how to get both
> stretching to fit AND clipping?

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