[thelist] onmouseover in <tr> tags; drawbacks? cognitive issues?

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Wed Mar 21 20:04:02 CST 2001

Jon Hall wrote:
> I've done this on a couple of web sites, in a backend administration area.
> You can also use css to change the pointer to something other than the text
> pointer so that the user gets the idea that it is clickable. However, since
> IE's implementation of the pointer property is hosed, you will have to deal
> with the pointer instead of the standard hand, if you want it to work in IE
> and NS6.

That's a good thought as well. that would be with a "cursor" type thing.
Interesting idea.

> You can make the rows clickable by doing a <span> around the <tr>'s and
> applying your class to the span. There may be other ways but I have not
> played with it enough.

Would that validate? Is it legal to do that? Anyone try it?

> Another option is just using the onClick or onDblClick events to do the
> highlighting. This is a little more intuitive in my opinion. However, I dont
> think any of these nice effects should be relied on.

Agreed on the second point about not relying on this.

The onclick is a good idea. We'll see how the application shakes out.
It's fun doing this kind of R&D though.

Thanks for the thoughts.

	- Joe
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