[thelist] Image Submit Button - Without JS ?

Winfried Huslik winfried at huslik.de
Thu Mar 22 09:14:08 CST 2001

It depends on what you're gonna do with it. Your receiving script (PHP, 
Perl, etc.) must know what form was sent. This is normally checked by the 
value? (or name?) of the submit button (if only one target exists for 
multiple forms). The form name is not necessary as long as you know what 
to do with the form.

Winfried Huslik

On 2001-03-22 15:25 Uhr, Michele Foster (michele at wordpro.on.ca) wrote:

>Didn't work, cos I'm an idiot.  <G>   Found the error.  Closing form tag was
>before, needed to move it to after.  DUH!!!!
>Sorry everyone for the confusion.
>Now, I've another question, can I still use this and have multiple forms on
>the same page?  IOW, the form name value isn't being passed, does it matter?
>Michele (wondering why the damn </form> tag wasn't at the end to begin with)
>P.S.  Aardvark, having trouble getting to the shopping cart part of the
>site, says server not found.
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "aardvark" <roselli at earthlink.net>
>> dunno why it shouldn't work... as long as it's in the form element...
>> take a look at the shopping cart at http://greatarrow.com/... all
>> those form buttons are images using an <input type="image"...>
>> with *no* JS, and no problems for any users...
>> i'd say, check yer code again...
>> > From: "Michele Foster" <michele at wordpro.on.ca>
>> >
>> > This doesn't submit the form though.  I'd like it to call the form
>> > action when clicked.
>> [...]
>> > > <input type="image" name="submit" src="/images/search.gif">
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