[thelist] phpMyAdmin for dummies...

John Corry webshot at neoncowboy.com
Thu Mar 22 10:45:23 CST 2001

Hi Guys.
I'm on vacation for the next two weeks...hanging out in Santa Fe for a few
days, then going boardign up at Telluride...WOO-HOO!

Man, I forgot how slow dial-up is :(

Anyway, I'm trying to use the free time to explore php/mySQL a little more,
an hopefully write some routines I can use on real sites that I work on. I
have my members.evolt.org database all set up, but am trying to configure my
laptop as a local enironment so I can work in the car between SF and

I'm running IIS 5 on Win2K Professional, with php 4.x and mysql shareware

Most everything in PHPMyAdmin works, but I'm having trouble uploading a text
file to populate my tables. The feature's there...I did it on the
server...just can't get it to work on my setup.

When I 'insert textfile into table' the dialog/form comes up. I choose a
file, select 'replace', choos ',' as the delimiter, and leave everything
else blank. But when I hit submit, mySQL gives me an error: MySQL said: File
'c:phpuploadtempphp19.tmp' not found (Errcode: 2). And, when I go to the
c:\php\uploadtemp dir, there's nothing there...no temp file.

Am I having a
'you-don't-know-jack-about-server-administration-and-configuration' problem?
Or is it something with phpMyAdmin? Or is it MySQL? I'm stumped...but if
anyone can help that'd be great.

John Corry

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