[thelist] dreamweaver, asp, and a client

Jason Morehead jmorehead at alphalincoln.com
Thu Mar 22 11:02:13 CST 2001

hey all...

a few months ago, i developed a site for a nearby college.  the site 
is hosted on an NT server, and uses server side includes and some 
minor database interaction.  after the site was developed, my 
involvement decreased as the client took it inhouse.

however, the client wants to start doing more development on it, but 
they want to do it inhouse as much as possible.  as such, they want 
to start using dreamweaver to create template pages that they can 
reuse.  but my concern is how well dreamweaver works with ASP code. 
i have only a passing familiarity w/ the program, so i'm not too 
clear on how it works with ASP (SSIs, database code, etc.).  or is 
something that dreamweaver ultradev is better suited for?

any thoughts, comments, and concerns would be greatly appreciated.

alphagraphics of nebraska - web services
201 n 14th - lincoln, ne 68508 - 402.475.0000

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